On Short Break

Due to family obligations (moving and what not) and work requirements, the show is on a short break but should return in November. I apologize for the delay.

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3 Responses to On Short Break

  1. Frank says:


    When you come back from your rest. I wish you could do commands related to multimedia eg. ffmpeg, mencoder, handbrrakecli, convert, etc…I know these commands already but it would be great for linux newbies.

    Thanks again for a great video podcast!

    • dannSWashko says:

      The tough part about doing these commands is that they are hard to record in video and, even more so than top, are monstrous to cover. Perhaps I will find a way to do them. Thanks for the suggestion.

  2. No worries, take your time, I will be here waiting patiently for new content

    I will keep reviewing what you already did

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